Odor Removal and Sanitation Services in Knoxville, Tenn.

Residential Odor Services

Ascent offers an exceptional odor remediation system to eliminate unpleasant odors in your home. Whether you’re selling your property, dealing with pest removal smells, or wanting to refresh your aging home, our trusted techniques will leave your home smelling fresh and clean. We can even remove allergens and bacteria from the air. Trust Ascent to create a welcoming environment for you to enjoy. Our services are perfect for:

  • Selling. Get top dollar for your home! Remove the smell of smoke, cooking spices, pets, and more by including odor remediation in your home-staging preparations.
  • Post-Extermination. If you’ve recently dealt with a pest or rodent infestation, odor remediation can rid your home of decay smells and make it feel like yours again.
  • Water Damage Cleanup. After a basement flood or burst pipe, mold and mildew can set in. Our system can eliminate any lingering musty odors.
  • Home Aging. The passage of time can leave a home smelling less than fresh, but Ascent can have it smelling new.
  • Post-Illness or Allergy Diagnosis. Our techniques are sophisticated enough to remove odors and cleanse the air of bacteria, viruses, and allergens, like pet dander and pollen.

Real Estate Broker Services

Unpleasant odors can be a major obstacle for prospective homebuyers. However, our proven odor remediation system can assure new homeowners that even persistent smells, such as cigarette smoke, pet urine, mildew, and cooking odors, can be safely and permanently eliminated.

With Americans spending 90% of their time indoors, indoor air quality is of utmost importance. Our system not only removes offensive odors but also cleanses the air of harmful allergens and impurities, leaving no chemical residue behind.
As a real estate agent, you can offer your clients peace of mind. 

Our chlorine dioxide system is no match for even the most pungent odors:

  • Smoke (including cigarette smoke, burnt meat, charred wood, or previous smoke damage)
  • Cooking (including curry, fish, and onion)
  • Must, mold, mildew and decay
  • Pet dander, urine, and feces
  • Skunk
  • Illicit drugs (including narcotics and marijuana)
  • Petroleum (including hydraulic oil, diesel, and gasoline)
  • New paint and new carpet

Commercial Odor Services

Smell is a critical factor in creating a positive customer experience. Recent studies indicate exposure to pleasant scents can result in up to a 40% improvement in mood. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Negative odors can quickly damage an impression and lead to long-term business losses.

Ascent has developed an effective system for eliminating unpleasant smells from commercial spaces while also targeting harmful viruses, bacteria, and mold. Unlike other methods, we do not cover up bad odors with other scents or leave behind harmful chemical residues. Our state-of-the-art dry vapor treatment will leave your facility clean, fresh, and safe.*

Our odor elimination system is perfect for:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Casinos
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Pet boarding facilities
  • Funeral homes
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Law enforcement buildings


*The ingredients in our products have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, Food & Drug Administration, and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Property Management Odor Services

Turnover is an unavoidable occurrence in property management. Our odor elimination and sanitization process can efficiently and inexpensively reset your property’s DNA, eliminating all food, pet, and smoke odors.

Our vapor system is capable of removing all allergens, viruses, and bacteria from enclosed spaces, such as apartments, condos, and single-family homes. 

Our products have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, Food & Drug Administration, and the United States Department of Agriculture.

  • Smoke (All forms of cigarette, burnt proteins like meat, charred and burnt wood and other matters commonly called smoke damage.)
  • Must and mildew
  • Pet urine and feces
  • Decay
  • Skunk
  • Marijuana and many other narcotic odors
  • Hydraulic oil, diesel, gasoline, and other petroleum odors
  • New paint and carpet odor
  • Do you have a different odor issue? Just ask us.

Vehicle Odor Services

As a reflection of your personal or company image, it’s important to keep your vehicle smelling fresh and clean. At Ascent, we offer professional-grade vehicle odor removal services that are tailored to meet your needs. Our efficient dry vapor system is specifically designed for smaller spaces such as cars, and delivers the same outstanding results in a shorter treatment time.

Our services are also perfect for car dealerships that require remediation for multiple vehicles, ensuring every car on the lot smells clean and new.

Hotels & Casinos

It takes a sanitized and odor-free space to truly relax. Rooms with lasting odors from previous patrons won’t give your next guests their most pleasant visit, not matter how well-appointed. 

Our vapor system removes all odors, allergens, viruses, and bacteria from hotel rooms, kitchens, meeting and conference rooms, and practically any enclosed space. This is a highly advanced system that accomplishes all this and without leaving any harmful chemical residues. 

We also have advanced retail products for laundering sheets and towels, carpet cleaning and sanitization of kitchens, bathrooms and any space that needs odor or sanitization attention.

Our products have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, Food, and Drug Administration the United States Department of Agriculture. 

Refresh your spaces and make each stay a highlight for your clients.

Our system is an easy fix for even the most pungent odors. 

  • Smoke (All forms of cigarette, cigars and vaping)
  • Must and mildew in carpets and bathrooms
  • Pet and human urine and feces
  • Pet odors
  • Marijuana and other narcotic odors
  • Oil, diesel, gasoline and other petroleum odors
  • New paint and carpet odor
  • Do you have a different odor issue? Just ask us.


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